As mentioned before, Shock Troopers features 8 individual characters to select from. Also mentioned earlier is that there are two modes of play:

Lonly Wolf is nice for when you're starting out and want to learn a single character. But this isn't a fighting game and characters aren't hard to "learn". The way to go is most definitely Team Mode.

Why Team? Because you have three characters which you can switch between. Three is better than one right? You can put a little more variety in your team this way and call upon your desired character when you need them. Plus, you get three different sets of bombs to use.

So now the big question is, WHO do you select for your team? For most people, aesthetics will play a big part... but there are many differences between the characters. Some are fairly similar, but every character has their own unique special weapon. The characters are rated in the following categories:

  • SPEED - The character's walking speed and rolling distance

  • ENDURANCE - Amount of damage the character can take before dying

  • FIREPOWER - Single or Double shots for the standard gun. The Double Shots do more damage (duh)

  • BOMB RATING - My personal rating on how effective their bomb/special weapon is. An analysis of why I rate it that way is included too.

To learn more about a character, click on him/her!

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