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As you may have noticed me mentioning a few times before, there are actually two different versions of this game. What makes them different? Well, compare:

Version 1

  • Lonly Wolf - One life, 128 life points
  • Team Mode - All three characters share one life bar, 128 life points
  • Medal rankings are shown before the level, and life-up bonuses are awarded

Version 2

  • Lonly Wolf - Three lives, 64 life points each
  • Team Mode - Each character has their own individual life bar, 64 life points
  • Medal rankings are not shown, no life bonuses between levels are given

Why the changes? I have no clue. I'm not even sure if the one labelled "Version 1" is indeed an earlier version... I have heard that the serial number on one of those carts was a low number, so that's what leads me to believe this. But I think the medal system would have been added in at a later date, why did they remove it? Either way, the character's performance still varies per level, they just don't tell you about it on Version 2.

Which version is better? It's pretty debatable. I think the game is easier on Version 1, being able to take double the damage lets you play pretty sloppy, plus you usually get life back after every level. On Version 2, three or four hits will kill most characters so you have to be careful. Once you lose a character, you won't get them back!! Because each character has a separate life bar, it's important to switch out an injured teammate for another Trooper, then switch them back in once you find some life-up items. This truly encourages the "team" aspect of play, and makes the game more interesting IMO.

When you finish the game, each character has a different single picture in the ending. I'm not sure if people want things like this spoiled, so I've decided to just include all the ending pictures right here for your viewing pleasure. Check out Milky's... yowza!

Jackal's Ending
Milky's Ending
Loki's Ending
Southern Cross's Ending
Marie Bee's Ending
Rio's Ending
Maru's Ending
Big Mama's Ending

More stuff to be added to this section later.

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