As mentioned before, there are three different routes to select from: Mountain, Jungle, and Valley. After three levels, you may switch routes. If you switch, you play an extra train stage. Then you play two more levels, and then it's on to the BSG base. Confused? Look at a flowchart of what I'm talking about. (I'll try to HTML-ize it at some point or another)

Characters perform differently on each stage. The medal ranking that you will see by the character on the map screen tells you how well-suited they are to the level. A higher ranking means their walking speed will increase. So a slow character with 2 or 3 stars can keep up with or even run faster than a medium-speed character with no stars! In addition to this, receiving 2 or 3 stars also gives a slight life bonus. While I have not yet converted the chart into an HTML table yet, feel free to save the chart to a text file for easy reference.

- Extra fast speed, +16 life points
- Faster speed, +8 life points
- "Regular" speed, no life bonus
(No Stars - Slower speed, no life bonus)

Now, to learn more about any route, select one!

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