The battle begins on the docks, as enemies assault you across stationary boats. Once you board a moving boat, paratroopers, jetpack soldiers, enemy boats, and one huge aerial fortress try to put an end to your cruise! Then the carnage continues in shallow water as you make your way onto a HUGE submarine! Blast your way into it and confront the boss.

Valley Stage 1

Valley Stage 2

Valley Stage 3

Want to switch routes?

Blech... the 2nd part of the route starts in the sewers, but don't think for a second that the smell will keep those pesky soldiers away. After that it's time to climb your way uup some ladders into the city streets, where you're given the choice to continue through the alley, or take a "shortcut" through a BSG base... just be careful of who's waiting for you.

Valley Stage 4

Valley Stage 5

On to the
Final Stage, the BSG Headquarters.

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